Lyft IPO Date Finally Announced: What You Need to Know Before the Official Listing of LYFT on Nasdaq

Ever since Lyft announced that the company will be pursuing a listing in the US markets, the ridesharing company y gained a lot of momentum, partially due to the case that Lyft turned out to become a highly profitable company despite having a major competitor in Uber.

While Uber is making the final preparations for their own initial public offering, Lyft already shared the date when their IPO should be released to the public, alongside quoting estimates for share prices in one of their most recent announcements.

In the meanwhile, the company have already been approved for a public listing on Nasdaq, waiting to go live by the end of March and at the same time the beginning of Q2 2019.

Lyft Announced Share Prices Alongside IPO Date: LYFT to Be Listed Already by the End of the Week

According to the latest report released by the company’s representatives, Lyft IPO is preparing to take off already by the end of March, as Lyft already got listed to commence with public trading on Nasdaq.

The company also revealed their estimated price per share, adding that the shares will go from 62$ to 68$ per unit, while 30.77 million class A shares will be issued into the public, with the possibility of listing additional 4.62 million shares. However, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that the share price might exceed the estimates at the opening trade upcoming by the end of the last week of March.

The date when Lyft IPO should go public and live is said to be March 30th, when the company’s shares will appear on Nasdaq markets under the thicker (LYFT).

Even though Lyft managed to double their revenues in 2018, reporting 2.2 billion dollars compared to 1.1 billion in 2017, and 343 million dollars in 2016, some investors are worried because losses reported by the company are growing accordingly with the widening revenues.

That is how Lyft reported 911 million dollars in losses in 2018, from the previous report from 2017 where 687 million dollars were stated as loss. Still, many investors are relying on the fact that short-term losses might bring long-term profits, which is why LYFT IPO is showcasing an increased demand even before the official release that should take place on March 30th, 2019.

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