Upcoming social media and tech stock IPOs 2019: Pinterest, Airbnb, Slack, CloudFlare, Palantir, SpaceX

Stock market investors want to see more IPOs. There has been widespread criticism that many companies are waiting too long to go public. Some investors have purchased these companies in the exchange of private secondary businesses as privileged information, and former sponsors have sold shares here and there. Unfortunately for the unicorn and ordinary businesses, the IPO market in 2018 was not significant for investors.

Here are some very expected IPOs to see in 2019.


Pinterest may be the next (or perhaps the last one?) Of the giants of social networks that will be published in 2019. In mid-2018, it was said that Pinterest should have $ 1 billion in annual revenue with a value in It moment From $ 13 billion to $ 15 billion for its 200 million users.


Airbnb has competed against the hotel industry and other rental services for years, and some investors have requested a listing before 2019. Even in the summer of 2018, it was widely reported that Airbnb would be public. June 2019.


Slack Technologies would have employed Goldman Sachs to take the company for a stock exchange listing. The team’s messaging and collaboration Solutions Company started in 2014 and now claims to be the fastest growing business application in history, with millions of users worldwide.


In December, Cloudflare, which provides security enhancement and load-time site enhancement software in the content delivery network, showed a total capacity of 25 terabytes per day. Second from a global footprint of 165 data centres.


Palantir Technologies is one of the leading private data mining and data mining companies serving public clients. Palantir as a company has been in existence for more than a decade and was founded by Peter Thiel.


SpaceX is a leader in space privatization efforts, but even after $ 500 million in funding, it is unclear whether and when the company will be in an IPO plan.

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