Who owns the most Facebook stocks: Here are the controlling shareholders of Facebook aside Zuckerberg

Facebook shares are held mainly by large institutional investors, mutual funds and ETFs. The individual shareholders of Facebook with the most Facebook shares are all present or former figures on Facebook. According to Investopedia, Class A shareholders have the right to one vote for each share, while those with Class B shares have ten votes for each share.

The 6 main shareholders of Facebook

Who are the controlling shareholders of Facebook aside Zuckerberg?

Mark Zuckerberg

The founder and “face” of Facebook has an indirect stake of about 11.92 million Class A shares in Facebook through a series of funds, according to the company’s SEC document on August 30, 2018. Zuckerberg also owns of 392.71 million Class B shares for each April 13. , 2018 declaration of power. The control of almost 78.9% of the Class B shares gives Zuckerberg 53.3% voting rights in the company.

Jan Koum

Co-founder of the world’s largest mobile messaging service, Jan Koum owns 14.2 million shares of Class A Facebook, according to the statement of April 13, 2018. Koum’s is a true life from rags to rich.

Eduardo Saverin

The Brazilian entrepreneur and now investor in Facebook, Eduardo Saverin, was also a founding member of the social network. The proxy statement of April 13, 2018, shows that Saverin owns 6.1 million Class A shares of Facebook, along with 47.2 million Class B shares that represent 6.5% of the company’s voting power.

Michael Schroepfer

Michael Schroepfer, Facebook’s chief technology officer, is Facebook’s sixth-largest shareholder. According to the company’s power of attorney statement of April 13, 2018, Schroepfer has a total of 990,725 Class A shares and another 716,987 Class B shares of the company. Schroepfer came to Facebook in 2008 as vice president of engineering.

Sheryl Sandberg

Sheryl Sandberg indirectly owns 1.5 million shares through trust and another two million Class B shares, according to the statement of April 13, 2018. Sandberg has been the Chief Operating Officer on Facebook since 2008.

Dustin Moskovitz

Dustin Moskovitz owns 48.9 million Class B shares as of April 13, 2018. Interestingly, he has a voting agreement on these shares in favour of Zuckerberg in the sense that representation is among the voting rights from the last batch. In 2011, Forbes magazine named Moskovitz, the “youngest self-made billionaire.”

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