Social Media Stocks: How Profitable is Investing in Snap (NYSE: SNAP) in 2019

Snap, another one of prominent social media companies, may not have had such a promising report for the last quarter of 2018, while Snap reported 1 million users less than it was the case in 2017 when the social media company stated 187 million active users.

Snap is still reporting losses

Moreover, Snap’s losses per share went below the expected loss of 0.08$ per share, touching 0.13$ of losses per one Snap share, however, the company managed to emerge from not as benevolent case by becoming one of the biggest weekly gainers on the New York Stock Exchange at the beginning of February 2019, when the stock touched 32% of gains for the week.

Snap is still reporting losses, however, the enthusiasm from the gains in the first week of February might push the price of Snap up in the following period.

Is Snap Able to Take a Rebound in the Market in 2019?

Even though Snap is said to be reporting losses, the social media company reported 36% of growth in revenue for 2018, reaching 389.8 million dollars for the year, which was close to the target of 32% of gains as previously suggested by Wall Street watchers.

Snapchat is still managing to acquire profits and a healthy rate of growth

Snapchat is still managing to acquire profits and a healthy rate of growth through its app users, which is why the company succeeded in reporting 2.07$ of earnings per user as the company’s average value.

The fact that Snap has also improved in terms of operation and cash flow, while keeping the cos structure steady for more than several quarters, the company is definitely showing signs of profitability.

From bearish on Snapchat stocks to rating SNAP as neutral

That is how many of the market’s analysts are going from bearish on Snapchat stocks to rating SNAP as neutral.

Snap probably won’t be able to generate a healthier pace of growth and more revenue, until the company is able to attract more users to their platform and application, although Snap claims to have reached to 70% of the US audience between ages 13 and 34 with their premium video ads.

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