Key developments and news in Fintech industry in the last 5 years

The State of Fintech industry: Call leads, the leading financial monitoring and notification services provider, has recently published an infographic entailing the key developments that are taking place in the Fintech industry. The key insights provided are following:

  • Global investment in the five years from 2010 to 2015, surged by 25 percent. The investment of $12.7 billion was made in 2012, which increased to $49.7 billion in 2015.
  • Highest growth is coming from European region, which is witnessing the growth of 215 percent over year on year basis.
  • Within Fintech industry, the main focus areas are: Payments and lending, Blockchain and Cloud-based services.
  • The countries that possess the most attractive eco-system for Fintech startup are: United States, Israel and United Kingdom.
  • The countries with the highest number of Fintech startups are: America with 4.7 million, India with 1.91 million and Britain with 0.82 million.
  • Top five Fintech startups are in US region are: Strip (SF), 21 Inc. (SF), Coinbase (SF), Betterment (NYC) and Lending Club (SF)
  • Top performing Fintech stocks are: Lending Club, Paypal, Lufax, Stripe and Zenefits

Additionally, Wall Street is very much keen in the developments of Fintech. From big bank to individuals, everyone is playing their part in financing the Fintech startups. The leading institutions in this race are: Citigroup Ventures, J.P. Morgon, Goldman Sachs and Barclays.

Fintech craze is taking over the world of finance. With its capacity to innovate and disrupt the global economy, this phenomena continues to transform the world of finance.

According to the recent PWC report, 88% of the financial services firms are worried that they might lose the significant share of their revenue to these innovators. Therefore, these financial behemoths are planning to increase their investment in these firms. These investments are believed to give an annual ROI (return on investment) of approximately 20% per year.

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