SolarWinds (SWI) Stock Predictions 2019: How Well is SolarWinds (SWI) Doing in 2019?

SolarWinds is an IT company and one of the leading providers of IT management software, and also one of the companies that decided to go public in 2018 with the booming trend of issuing shares.

As many companies reached out to the stock markets to offer their initial public offers, SolarWinds joined the lurking trend, hoping to collect 4.6 billion dollars in accordance with the primary evaluation of SolarWinds IPO.

The plan to go public actually represented a great strategy for SolarWinds that was at the time experiencing increasing debts, as the company also decided to start the first trading session as low as 15$ per share.

How Well is SolarWinds (SWI) Doing in 2019?

The original plan of the company was to start their IPO sale between then price of 15$ and 16$ per share back in October 2018 when the company officially went public, also backed by the estimates that stated that the IPO could even collect up to 4.6 billion dollars.

SolarWinds decided to issue 25 million A class shares for the public, starting at the price of 15$ per share, while going up by 2% already after starting with the initial sale. However, the price soon sank and started dipping, while SolarWinds IPO managed to raise 375 million dollars with their public offer.

The company also provided the underwriters with the right to purchase additional 1.75 million shares during the period of 30 days since the original date of the first IPO sale.

As far as the performance of SolarWinds shares at the beginning of Q2 2019 concerned, SWI shares are presently going up by 2.79% with the latest change in the market, trading at the price of 19.52$, while trying to break the resistance of 20$, which is no wonder if we count in the fact that the sector of IT services is trending up.

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