Tradeweb Markets IPO 2019: Date, Valuation, Revnue, Growth, Share Price and Estimates

Lyft is already out in the public as its first public trading session started on Friday, March 29th, starting from 72$ per share and collecting the targeted 2.2 billion in IPO while the share price was up by 22% at the end of the first session, however, LYFT isn’t the only IPO to hit the markets in 2019, as more companies are waiting to make their public debuts official.

Besides from anticipating Pinterest, Airbnb, Palantir, Uber, and more tech unicorns planning on going public in 2019, other companies are joining as well, which is how Tradeweb Markets have also filed for IPO.

Tradeweb Markets has been around for two decades already and during that time the company has been operating with online market places for various audiences, offering over 40 products with reporting 549 billion dollars of trading volume for their products during 2018.

What You Need to Know About Tradeweb Markets in Anticipation of Tradeweb IPO

Tradeweb Markets is providing various types of asset classes while operating with online market places in terms of trading equities, credit and money. The company is collaborating with central banks, hedge funds, and other financial and banking institutions, reporting 684.4 million dollars in revenue for 2018.

Moreover, the company recorded 21.6% of increase in revenue during the mentioned period of time, while net income for the same period topped 101 million dollars.

Tradeweb Markets is expected to raise 700 million dollars for their IPO, while the company will be able to make M&A deals and probably get a larger market share after a successful IPO.

Tradeweb Markets IPO has already been approved for listing on Nasdaq exchange under the thicker TW and with the public offer estimated at 700 million dollars.

The company is said to be going public on April 4th, agreed to issue 27.3 million A class shares, while the starting price per share for Tradeweb IPO will be set between 24$ and 26$.

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