Companies That Went Public in 2018 and Where Are They Now: Anaplan IPO 2018 – How Well is Anaplan (PLAN) Doing in 2019?

Anaplan (PRNewsFoto/Anaplan)

Back when Anaplan went public in October 2018, the market was showcasing bearish trends, however Anaplan managed to raise 263.5 million dollars for its initial offer, previously having their IPO valued at an estimate of 1.4 billion dollars.

Anaplan represents a cloud-based management platform and given the fact that the industry of cloud computing and cloud-based services are on the rise, recording increased momentum, Anaplan IPO saw a surge of 40% on the same day the public trading started.

The company’s shares had since then seen some declines in favor of the market trends that tend to take a downward turn when the market turns bearish, however, the price of the company’s shares is traded over 50% up since the shares became publicly traded less than two quarters ago.

How Well is Anaplan (PLAN) Doing in 2019?

Approved for trading under the thicker (PLAN), Anaplan started its debut with estimates set at 1.4 billion, while the company sold 15.5 million A class shares, starting at the price of 17$ back in October 2018.

The original plan was to set the price per share at the value between 13$ and 15$, however the shares had a starting position set at 17$, soon soaring above the initial price.

After 40% of increase with the first public appearance, the company is said to have acquired a value of over 2.9 billion dollars in IPO.

With the latest changes in the market at the beginning of the second quarter of 2019, Anaplan shares are dipping by -3.33%, however, the price per share is set at 38.05$.

Even though the price is plummeting with the latest closing, Anaplan shares are still traded over 50% up since October, presenting a prominent player in the sector of cloud computing and cloud-based services.

In the upcoming period, during 2019, numerous companies and tech startups are yet to have their IPOs issued, while Lyft (LYFT) one of the most anticipated IPOs in 2019, already went public during the last days of March 2019, going 22% since the initial start of Lyft IPO sale.

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