Opera IPO 2018: How Well is Opera (OPRA) Doing in the Market 2019? Opera (OPRA) Share Price, Estimates and Profits

Opera was probably one of the top browsers before Google Chrome appeared on the scene, still being in a crucial correlation with search engines such as Google and Yandex in terms of generating a greater part of the company’s profits through deals with companies behind the mentioned search engines.

At the same time, Opera decided to go public, backed by a strong user base of 322 million monthly active users, indicating that investing in Opera may be profitable alongside reporting positive net profits before going public, which is said to be a rare case among the tech IPOs that went public in 2018.

Moreover, Opera went public in July, 2018, with raising 115 million dollars with the initial sale.

How Well is Opera (OPRA) Doing in the Market in 2019 After its 2018 Debut?

The company expected to see the initial IPO sale start at the price between 10$ and 12$, planning on opening at the price of 12$ per share, while the trade started at 14.34$ per share, with the share price fast climbing by over 19%, closing at over 21% by the end of the first IPO sale.

Even though the share started at 21% of gains in a single day, the price per share soon started to sink, trading between the value of 5$ and 9$ during the last two quarters, while the shares took a prolonged downward trend for the period of the past 6 months, unable to go further from the price of 9.12$ as recorded back on February 25th, 2019.

Additionally, OPRA shares touched the lowest price of 5.48$ back in December 2018, but has ever since seen improvements, trading 6.70$ and 9.12$.

After the latest closing, OPRA shares are worth 7.30$, showcasing signs of improvement by closing the last trading session with 3,25% of gains on April 5th.


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