Eventbrite (EB) Share Price, Estimates and Value in 2019: Companies That Went Public in 2018 and Where Are They Now?

Eventbrite is said to be the biggest platform for event listings and selling tickets to all types of events, also representing one of the companies that went public in 2018 with the famous IPO boom that took place the same year.

Like many other tech companies that decided to go public and file for their IPOs, Eventbrite also represented an attractive opportunity for investors, however, that opportunity was rather based on the growth potential of the company than on actual profits, while Eventbrite also reported weak generally accepted accounting principles.

Altogether, Eventbrite went live on September 2018, making up for one of the biggest gainers in the course of the previous several months in terms of recording some of the biggest gains at the day of the opening trade.

How Well is Eventbrite (EB) Doing in the Market in 2019?

Eventbrite IPO was valued at 1.76 billion dollars back in August when the company filed their IPO filings to the Securities and Exchange Commission, while the company managed to raise 230 million dollars with their opening trading session.

The company planned on starting the IPO sale at the price of 23$ per share, however, the starting price exceeded company’s expectations as Eventbrite opened the sale at the price of 36$, also surging towards 39$ before closing the first trading session at 36.59$.

The fact that Eventbrite went up by nearly 70% on the first day of sale, made it one of the biggest single-day gainers in the course of more than several months back at the time.

However, Eventbrite is now trading below its opening as well as the initial closing price back in September 2018, while the share is also following a downward trend.

EB shares are presently valued at 20.66$ after the latest change by -0.55% with the recent closing, also seeing the last of the price above 30$, traded at 32$, back on March 7th.


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