Ehtereum Price Forecast 2019, 2020: 0 or $100,000? Ethereum Is The New APPLE, AMAZON, GOOGLE Stock

The number 2 in the list of cryptocurrencies concerning market capitalization, Ethereum has its differences when compared to Bitcoin. Ethereum is a much-secured means for making payment and offers a better value. Some people backing this currency predict it to be the future of the internet. They believe purchasing some stock of Ethereum now is similar to purchasing a few shares of Apple when it seemed to be sinking. It allows both coins and decentralized apps to be built on its platform.

Name Price24H (%)
Bitcoin (BTC)
Ethereum (ETH)

There is uncertainty about reaching those heights in the future

On the other hand, being a frequently traded coin and high on liquidity, it enjoys more base pairing over exchanges than other coins. It was the same year Bitcoin hit its high of $20,000 when Ethereum had also touched the high of $1,400. However, it had later tumbled from the all-time high, and there is uncertainty about reaching those heights in the future.

Ethereum portrays a different fundamental

Speculations have always been around, and as Ethereum portrays a different fundamental role as compared to Bitcoin, it is difficult to predict the future prices. Technically speaking, it isn’t possible (at least today) to value fundamental building blocks of the new Internet. On the other hand, not many people are heard discussing this cryptocurrency. Some Ethereum predictions from lowest to the highest have been listed below:

Observer Estimated Valuation Expected Period
Matthew De Silva Close to Zero NA
Aayush Jindal $515+ NA
Joseph Raczynski $1000 Year End
Clem Chambers $1400 Year End
Nigel Green $2500 2020
Steven Nerayoff $3000 Second Half of 2019
Olaf Carlson-Wee $7000 Year End
Jeff Reed Better Valuations than Bitcoin NA
Brian Schuster $100,000 As soon as it replaces gold as a store of value


How does the future of Ethereum look like?

Presently predicting the price of Ethereum is highly complicated. It provides potential as the development business environment offers the basis to host a lesser coins as well as unrealized DApps. Ethereum, however, is certainly evolving by volumes as a currency because of the smart contract capability. Despite the huge gap in terms of market capitalization, there seems to be a wider gap between Bitcoin and Ethereum when it comes to usage.

On the one hand, Bitcoin acts as a spendable currency and a medium that circumvents third parties such as the banks. On the other hand, Ethereum had been created with spending being an afterthought. The aspect of spending is something that powers the entire ecosystem of Ethereum. It makes its reach much wider when compared to Bitcoin.

Quite similar to the domain speculation markets in the mid-1990s

It isn’t justifiable when you are trying to compare both the currencies making Ethereum difficult to be treated as another coin in the market. Quite similar to the domain speculation markets in the mid-1990s, Ethereum is presently in the same space when no one would have thought about a domain name such as to be valued in millions today. Although, it might be easier to predict where it is heading by looking at its fundamentals, in the longer run virtual sky is the limit.

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