Huya Shares (HUYA): Should You Invest in Huya (HUYA) Shares? Huya Shares Profitability, Estimates and Market Analysis

Huya is a streaming video game platform, and most certainly one of the top performers of 2019 in the sector of live streaming, also representing one of the top Chine players in the industry alongside a similar platform such as Momo (MOMO).

Just like Momo, a social dating and live streaming platform, Huya decided to file for IPO and go public under the thicker HUYA on Nasdaq exchange, starting at the price of 12$ per share and soon rising to see the closing at 27$.

Huya went public back at the beginning of May 2018, still keeping up the pace with a positive growth, as well as the share price.

Huya Shares (HUYA): How Profitable is Investing in Huya Shares?

Huya shares showed an increase of 73% in the first quarter of 2019, definitely representing one of the top gainers in the sector, while the shares are still following an upward trend traded at 25.99$ per share.

Huya reported a surging revenue increases for the fourth quarter of 2018 as well, skyrocketing by 103% for the given period, while the company also seen the number of active users increasing by 35% year to year.

Huya entered the year of 2019 with over 116 million active users, cashing in on the rising popularity,

The company was evaluated at 2.41 billion dollars ahead of its IPO almost a year back, in May 2018, raising 180 million dollars with the first trading session.

Even though the company seems to be doing more than well, some market watchers are sharing their concerns over tightening regulations in China on video games, which is also the center of Huya’s business model.

While some financial watchdogs are certain that Huya might be affected by these regulations in the long run, Huya doesn’t seem to be affected by far, showcasing positive trends in the market as well as the increasing number of active users.

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