Is Ethereum going up? Vitalik Buterin, Booming Prices Good For the Ecosystem

In the last interview with Laura Shin, Vitalik Buterin (Co-Founder of Ethereum) he spoke a lot about the current trends. It was an unchained podcast of the crypto journalist that went sold-out at Columbia Graduate School of Journalism. Throughout the interview, Buterin appeared to be diplomatic about his responses. He was also quick to add humor as well as moxie wherever it seemed appropriate. He was answering questions related to the price of Ethereum, ICOs regulation, and Satoshi Nakamoto.

Ethereum & Other Crypto Projects

Buterin remained candid about ETH’s importance. He tried distinguishing ETH from the other crypto projects. He mentioned while other projects were fluctuating too much, ETH was more about minimizing the legal risks. The team was trying to develop something that would not entirely be covered under any financial regulation.

Regulators & Cryptocurrencies

He mentioned that regulators today were well aware of what cryptocurrencies were. They understand the price fluctuations of the coins too. Also, they are also well-versed with the concept of blockchain and the possibility of building applications on these networks.

Holding Funds in Cryptocurrencies

Buterin also spoke about blockchain projects within the Ethereum ecosystem holding most of their funds in cryptocurrency. In a situation where prices were higher, they will eventually have more money to invest and implement things they would like. However, there will still be the maximalists holding crypto for the sake of price escalations only. Alongside, there is a section of people in ETH community who prefer it to be more like a cryptocurrency.

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