Apple Stock Price Prediction for 2019: Is Apple (APPL) Stock a Buy or Sell in 2019?

Apple stocks managed to rise above the value of 200$ with the latest closing in the second week of April 2019, while APPL is following an upward trend, which means that the stock price could stay above the price of 200$ for a prolonged time.

In accordance with the movement of Apple’s stock in the market, APPL stocks are said to have a score of 7.51 with the recent change by 1.57 up, based on which Apple’s stocks are ranked as a strong buy.

Market watchers are also recommending Apple (APPL) as a solid good long term 1-year investment, while some analysts are indicating that the stocks have a potential of rising by 86.06% in the course of the next 5 years, starting from 2019.

Apple (APPL) Stocks: Is Apple (APPL) a Buy or Sell in 2019?

Market watchdogs and 32 analysts have agreed on the price range of Apple stocks in the following period, predicting a median price of 196$ per share, while the highest estimate for the predicted price is set at 245$ per share.

The lowest price target according to the 32 analysts, as reported by CNN Business, is set at the value of 140$ per share, from the last price of 200$ with the recent closing.

Previously recommended as “hold” by polled analysts and market watchdogs, Apple stocks have been keeping up with “buy” ranking since the beginning of March, still being ranked as a “buy”.

However, out of 39 polled analysts who spoke on whether Apple stocks are a buy or sell, 18 analysts agreed that APPL makes up for a definite” buy”, alongside having the stock ranked as “outperform” by three analysts.

Additionally, 17 out of polled analysts is recommending Apple stocks as “hold”, while one analyst suggests that the stock should be ranked as “sell”.


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