Alphabet (GOOG) Google Stock Predictions for 2019: Should You Buy or Sell Google Stocks?

As Alphabet Inc is expecting its annual cloud computing conference, GOOG stocks are going down at the beginning of the second week of April alongside with Facebook (FB) stocks, most probably affected by the news that the United Kingdom is planning on regulating major tech companies such as the two mentioned tech giants.

Still, 37 analysts have made a consensus over Google stocks, indicating that despite the recent drops in the second quarter of 2019, Alphabet’s GOOG stocks still represent a savory investment for any investor’s portfolio.

Alphabet (GOOG) Stocks: Buy or Sell Google Stocks in 2019?

Even though Google stocks are seeing a decline, the drop doesn’t appear to have made a significant negative impact on Google stock that is still trading above the value of 1,200$ per share.

Google stocks are said to have a score of 2.73, making it a stronger “buy” rather than “sell”, so investors are advising to buy GOOG stocks in 2019.

According to CNN Business portal, 37 analysts have offered their opinion on the future price of GOOG and the movement of the stock, predicting that Google stocks may top a median target of 1,350 from its current value of 1,203$, where the high estimate would be set at 1,500$ and the lowest possible price for GOOG is said to be 1,100$.

In case the stock would top the median price of 1,350$, Google share price would rise by 12.14%.

Additionally, 38 out of 44 analysts that have made a consensus on the matter of buying or selling Google stocks are recommending to buy GOOG, while this recommendation have stuck with Alphabet’s shares since March.

Four analysts have agreed that Google should be ranked as “outperform” and two analysts are suggesting a “hold” status for Alphabet’s stocks.

Generally, Google stocks are still representing a strong buy according to the latest consensus.

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