Tron Trx Bull Run: Tron Trx Spike By Over 12% With Target At $0.060-

However, Bitcoin and many other top cryptocurrencies have lost their momentum against the USD, the cryptocurrency bull run is still on. While they are still recording gains, all cryptocurrencies are being outperformed by Tron Trx.

Today’s Tron price prediction places the price of Tron 12% higher against the USD with targets at $0.040, $0.050, and $0.060. Tron Trx news has been about new records, new partnerships and new incentives. All these variables along with the generally positive sentiment in the market have contributed to the current spike in the price of Tron Trx.

Tron Trx Price Prediction – Tron Trx News

TRON (TRX) Price Today – TRX / USD

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According to the Tron Trx technical analysis and Tron Trx price prediction on Bitcoin Exchange Guide, the price of Tron is bullish with supply zones at $0.04000, $0.0500, $0.0600, and demand zones at $0.01000, $0.00900, and $0.00800. If the price of Tron keeps moving higher against the USD, it is going to hit $0.0400 soon. There is currently significant support at $0.0300. If the price of Tron Trx eventually becomes bearish and falls below the support at $0.0300, it may decline lower to the $0.02600 level. Source: Smartereum

Why Is The Price Of Tron Trx Rising?

According to the news of Nulltx, Justin Sun, the Tron’s founder, said an important update is being released soon. It is called SUN Network and is launched in order to raise the transaction speed, boost the smart contract performance, and improve the dAPP interaction process. The test infrastructure will start working on May 30, Sun says, while the production launch is scheduled for August 10; the update will then be optimized till September 15.

With the whole crypto world trying to resolve the scalability issue, this update by Tron is a very positive thing that will keep the crypto among the flagships.

Meanwhile, China may soon ban crypto mining. According to the local government, this process is illegal and not environment friendly, being also bad for the Chinese financial system. The appropriate bill is already being promoted by the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC). The law may get passed as early as on May 7, which is clearly a very bad piece of news for the crypto market.

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