Ethereum Price Predictions 2019 2020: Ethereum has a lot of potential as it is continually evolving

Ethereum or ETH is a computing platform which offers a more secure mode of transaction for payments. It is rank 2nd in the world of cryptocurrency in market capitalization and the first one to feature smart contract function. Its users are able to develop decentralized applications or dApps and permit other coins to be made on the support it gives. It is often used by developers as it allows them to create markets, move funds, pile debts and many more without any middlemen.

Though its price had surged up to about $1400 during December, its price is still unstable as it has tumbled down from this increase. This is why many people see it as a store of value. This is why many market observers speculate as to what the Ethereum price predictions 2019 will be. This is because unlike other cryptocurrencies, Ethereum does not get that much media attention.


Ethereum has a lot of potentials as it is continually evolving because of its capability of using smart contracts. So, what does the future hold for this cryptocurrency? Although there was a big upward and downward stumble in 2018 in which its price went up in January and stumble down to $75.60 by December, it is still expected to increase in 2019.

This prediction is expected because of three reasons which are that its price is now increasing after it reached a bottom price that is higher than the last, there was low RSI during the 3RD bottom and lastly, it still hasn’t reached a peak that is higher than the last. This is why by the end of the year 2019, it will reach up to $1400.

This increase also does not stop at year’s end as it will be said to go an upward trend with a much higher price in the year 2020 in which it will spike an all-time high price of $15000 during November of 2020.

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