Oracle Stock Forecast 2019: Is Oracle Stock (ORCL) Buy or Sell? Oracle (ORCL) Forecast, Predictions and Market Analysis

Back in March when Oracle published slightly disappointing financial reports, the price of ORCL stocks dropped, however, a month later at the beginning of the second quarter of 2019, Oracle stock is going up with the latest closing.

Additionally, at the price of 53.59$ per share, Oracle stock is only 0.77% away from reaching the median target price of 54$ set by 29 analysts offering their insight into t6he future price of Oracle stocks in the period of the next 12 months by April 2020.

Moreover, Oracle stocks are showcasing a positive pace of growth, going nearly 19% up in share price year to date.

Oracle Stock Forecast for 2019: Should You Invest in Oracle (ORCL) in 2019?

Based on the analysis provided by 29 different investment analysts, Oracle stock may be looking at the high target price of 61$ per share by April 2020, while the lowest estimate for ORCL stock is said to be 33$.

In case the stock drops to touch the value of 33$, the 12-month loss should top -38.4%, having Oracle stock presently showcasing 12-months gains by 18.69% in April 2019.

During the first quarter of 2019, Oracle made 1.07$ earnings per share reporting 10.9 billion dollars in sales for the last quarterly report.

Based on the general consensus of 37 investment analysts who had participated in the poll about providing Oracle stock with a suitable rank, ORCL stock is considered to be ranked as “hold”.

Out of 37 analysts, 21 have agreed that Oracle is a definite hold in April 2019, keeping the rank since September 2018.

Additionally, 10 analysts out of polled experts are recommending to buy Oracle stocks, two consider that Oracle should be ranked as “outperform”, two analysts are suggesting to sell, and two suggest that the stock should be ranked as “underperform”.

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