3 Bold Predictions for the Market in 2019

2018 was a hard year for some companies out there. And while many of them maintained their high status, some of the companies suffered major losses. But, what will 2019 carry with itself? Well, here are a couple of predictions from MarketWatch for some of the most popular companies.

Oh, Apple. You raise your prices, yet deliver almost the same product every year. Yes, I’m talking about your iPhones that were the cause of your financial losses in 2018 and the same will repeat in 2019. Apple’s stock AAPL, +0.61% has fallen about 40% during the past few months. With that, many investors are tempted to buy at this price, while some of them are patient and are waiting for the rebound. But, let us discourage you – don’t wait for it! The customers in the US are dead tired from their high price tags and that rebound will not happen, at least not in 2019.

  • Tesla Will Remain Intact

Once again, Tesla is stuck in neutral territory. Surprisingly enough, their stock value of around $277 is still much higher than Apple’s, at just around $200. Their stock value is stable over the last 12 months, which indicates that the company isn’t losing or gaining anything. Unfortunately, there were a lot of speculations about the Model 3 launch and Elon Musk’s SEC lawsuit, which could negatively impact the company’s future. On the other side, other automakers are rivals to this company, meaning that their growth is much harder. Furthermore, cheap gas prices will still hold electric cars back in their development.

  • Bitcoin Will Not Be Over 10.000$

Many of you are still concerned about the all-mighty Bitcoin. Just two years ago, it was on its peak with the value around 16.000$ for a single Bitcoin. Nowadays, its value is around 5600$, with the predicted value for 2019 of 7000$. Still, it’s nowhere near its value just a few years ago. Keywords: apple stock predictions 2019, apple stock predictions 2020, apple stock predictions 2030, apple stock predictions 2025, apple stock price in 10 years, apple target price

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