Bumble IPO 2019: Is Bumble Dating Company Going Public with IPO in 2019?

Bumble, a dating app said to be the biggest competitor of another well-known dating application, Tinder, might be preparing to go public with an initial public offer by the end of 2019, although the IPO is yet to be officially confirmed.

According to the CEO and founder of Bumble app, Whitney Wolfe Herd, the company is hoping to be able to take advantage over their largest competitor, Tinder, by going public.

Wolfe Herd already shared the plans of going public with Bumble IPO back in October 2018, while the company is yet to confirm the IPO as an official case.

Bumble IPO: Is Bumble Going Public in 2019?

Back in October 2018, the founder of Bumble, an online dating app which is a part of Rimberg International Corporation that also owns Chappy, a gay dating app, and Badoo, an app based in London that counts over 400 million active users and founded by Andrey Andreev who is also the majority owner of Bumble, discussed about going public with Bumble.

Wolfe Herd stated back at the time in an interview for Bloomberg, that the company is already negotiating terms of IPO, discussing with banks, which also includes JP Morgan Chase & Co, as Bumble should be listed on Nasdaq.

Additionally, Wolfe Herd claims that Bumble is growing faster than Match-owned Tinder, stating that the app is already seeing 500% per month in Germany where the app is seeing a major expansion.

The founder of Bumble, considered to be an “umbrella brand” among existing and upcoming IPOs, claims that Bumble is also growing faster than Match, hoping to gain a status of the top and most-commonly used dating app.

However, despite the enthusiasm over at Bumble, the company might have 400 million dollars in revenue for in 2018, which is three times lower than Match revenues in 2017 set at 1.33 billion dollars.

As the company is still in the stage of planning their IPO, Bumble may not go public until the company reaches at least 1.1 billion to 1.5 billion dollars for their initial public offer.

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