Should I Buy Verizon Stock in 2019: Verizon Communications (VZ) Buy or Sell? Verizon Stock Estimates and Market Analysis

Verizon is a publicly traded telecommunication company that went forward with acquiring Yahoo and AOL internet assets in the last several years, also said to be one of the biggest competitors to AT&T.

The company was founded almost two decades ago as one of the greatest merges the US markets have seen by far, having Bell Atlantic and GTE Corp forming the company we now know as Verizon.

When it comes to the number of paying subscribers, the digits are showcasing a true success story as Verizon makes up for the largest wireless communication provider in the United States with 150 million active subscribers, while AT&T is following second with nearly 140 million subscribers.

Is Verizon (VZ) Stock Worth Buying in 2019?

When it comes to ranking Verizon stocks, the company currently has a score of 4.62, which indicates that Verizon stock is a buy at the present, trading at the price of 56.58$ per share and showcasing gains by 4.16% year to date.

When it comes to future prediction for the period between April 2019 and April 2020, 23 analysts offered their opinion on Verizon stock performance, suggesting that the median target price should be 61$ per share in the course of a year, which would be 4.17% up from its current value.

Additionally, the highest estimated price for the same period is said to be 65$ per share, with a low point set at 50$ per share, -14.6% away from the price of Verizon stocks after the last closing.

Out of 30 analysts that participated in a poll on the matter of Verizon stock ranking, 17 analysts advise to hold VZ stocks, 12 analysts recommend Verizon as a “buy”, and only one out of 30 analysts consider Verizon to be a “sell”, which brings VZ stocks to a general consensus that suggests “hold”.


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