Cisco Stock Prediction 2019: Is Cisco (CSCO) Stock a Buy or Sell? Cisco (CSCO) Estimates and Market Analysis

The magnum of the networking industry, Cisco Systems (CSCO) was founded back in 1984 when it all began from a married couple of computer scientists licensing a networking software used at Stanford to connect two local computers back at the time.

Since then, Cisco Systems has become a well-known company in the networking industry, showcasing a great potential and a flattering growth rate.

Cisco is recording 28.32% of gains year to date, trading at 55.60$ per share after the latest closing in April that took -0.39% off the value of CSCO stocks.

Cisco (CSCO) Stocks: Should I Buy Cisco Stocks in 2019?

Based on the most recently released financial report, Cisco is showcasing an amazing pace of growth, alongside recording increases in operating cash flow as well as in revenues.

For the last quarter of 2018, Cisco reported 8% increases in revenue in oppose to Q4 2017, generating 13.1 billion dollars, and demonstrating excellent metrics, which altogether indicates that CSCO stock represents a strong buy in the second quarter of 2019.

At the same time, earnings per share are also going through increases, going up by 23% in oppose to the fourth quarter of 2017, which means that Cisco recorded 0.75$ earnings per share for Q4 2018.

Based on predictions provided by 23 analysts experienced in investment analytics, median target price for Cisco stocks is set at 56$ for the period between April 2019 and April 2020, which is only 0.72% away from its current price.

Additionally, analysts suggest that the highest price for CSCO would be 65$ per share with a low point of 47$ for the same period of time.

The company reported 12.9 billion dollars in sales for the last quarter, while 28 analysts made a consensus to rank Cisco stocks as a “buy”. Out of 28 polled analysts, 19 are recommending “buy”, two consider CSCO as “outperform”, and seven suggest to hold.

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