VZ Stock Forecast 2019: Should I Buy Verizon Stock in 2019? Will Verizon Stock Go Up?

Being a well-known wireless communication service provider, Verizon boasts more than 150 million retail and wholesale subscribers. AT&T is yet to beat Verizon, with around 140 million subscribers.

Verizon is a company formed in 2000 and it’s one of the largest mergers in the USA. An interesting fact is that the company was bought for $65 billion, which once again, represents one of the largest deals in the history of the United States.

• Verizon Performance

During the past couple of years, the general stock market increased by a huge margin, making investors less interested in shares of utility and telecom companies. Instead, they opted for growth stocks. For Verizon, this wasn’t a heavy strike, as they made good, albeit modest gains in a period of the last five years. Good for the company is that investors still invest in Verizon for income. Every year, Verizon’s dividend increased, with the dividend growth being 2.7% and the stock yields 4.3%.

  • Verizon’s Rivals

As mentioned before, AT&T represents a fierce rival to this company. In the USA, these companies are the top 2 mobile carriers, when looking at their subscribers and revenue. Another one is a well-known mobile carrier, T-Mobile. You’ve probably heard about this company, as they enjoyed significant growth during the past 5 years, as well as a good percentage of the market share.

  • Verizon’s Prediction – Should You Buy or Sell?

In 2019, Verizon should enjoy a smooth and slowly-progressing ride. However, it depends on the investors. If the investors are willing to risk and go for this company, they might perform far better. However, the investors who won’t take any chances and want more earnings, won’t do the company any good. Just remember Oath, a part of Verizon. They suffered a hit of $4.6 billion and is considered a failure. Despite all of this, we think that Verizon will definitely stay on top.

They will continue to do what they do best, instead of expanding into a new area, which is respectable.

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