Is 2019 a Good Time to Buy a House: How Favorable is Buying a Home in 2019?

The year of 2019 is one of the best times to invest in a new home. The year has seen an increase in homes being put for sale, positive economic status, and current new construction. According to Devon Thorsby, an editor for U.S news, 2019 is an important year in the real estate business.

There are lots of houses to choose from

If you are a potential buyer, 2019 is a great year for you! Currently, there are more sellers than buyers, meaning, you have more of a chance to snag your dream home. Because there are fewer buyers, there is also less competition.

Sales and closures on homes can be done quickly. Sellers are looking to move out soon and are ready for interested buyers.

Although there is an increase in homes for sale, the market will only slowly increase. Nick Ron, an influential CEO states, “In the better markets … it’s going to continue to grow, but not as fast as it did before,”

The United States is Economically Thriving

The United States is currently thriving. Although there was an economic recession that harmed the housing market, many strives have been taken, in order to regain positive economic status.

This year, 2019, is a great year economically. Economic status plays a large part in the housing market. At this moment, the unemployment rate in most of America is significantly lower and has decreased tremendously over the last few years.

The average income in a family home has also increased, making it more possible to buy and own a home in 2019.

Construction efforts are on their way

If you haven’t noticed, there has been a large number of real estate companies constructing apartments and homes all throughout the United States. With new homes, comes lots of sales and opportunities to move in quickly and efficiently. Affordable homes are increasing throughout America.

A concern among many buyers is the cost of construction increasing. While the cost of construction has increased over the last few years, this has not made a major impact on the housing market or sales price.

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