Zillow Research: Buy a House Now or Wait Until 2020? – There Is A Shift In The Housing Market!

For many house buyers, there is a lot of anxiety that comes with buying a house. A big factor and concern is timing. The housing market and economic status of the united states is ever changing. While one day the market may be increasing or steady, the next day we have hit a hard recession.

Buy a House Now or Wait until 2020?

Buying a house is all about timing. The housing market should either be steady or increasing. This increase and steadiness allow house values to remain high or increase within time.

Should I buy a house in 2019?

Buying a house is a hard and important decision. Being a homeowner is not for everyone. Those who do want to become homeowners should first take a look at the housing market at the end of last year. This gives you a better idea of how the housing market looks in your current year. At the end of last year, there was a competitive stride in the housing market. According to economists, the inventory forecast for 2019 has increased between 6-7%.

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While the market has seen an increase, it is not a large one. This needs to be taken into account when planning to buy a house.

What about 2020?

According to Zillow research, 2020 is the idea year to invest in a new home. Experts have analyzed data and predict that a large shift in the housing market may not happen until 2020 and farther.

While 2019 is still a choice, it is recommended to wait until 2020. Annual Home Appreciate values has skyrocketed over the last couple of years. These high values indicate continued growth for years to come.

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Although currently, prices are high, data has shown a shift in the housing market. Home Values are decreasing steadily and price cuts are becoming more common. This is great for incoming buyers ready to look for their new home. (Keywords: should i buy a house now or wait until 2020, buy a house now or wait until 2020, should i wait to buy a house in 2019, should i buy a house now or wait until 2020, is 2019 a good time to buy a house, is now a good time to buy a house, should i buy a house in 2019, should i wait to buy a house in california)

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