Double-Edged Sword: 3 Best-Buy Penny Stocks in 2019

Penny stocks… These are the stocks that make it or break it. Penny stocks are those types of stocks that can bring you an enormous wealth overnight or go to the opposite side of the spectrum. In that regard, penny stocks represent a risk-reward bet that can be compared to a double-edged sword. If you’re up for investing in some penny stocks and risking a bit, here are our best 3 penny stocks in 2019.

Globalstar is a worldwide company that provides mobile data around the world. With its market cap of $600.9 million, the company is well-known for its successful business. The reason we’ve decided to go for Global star is that the company is going to benefit from population growth. As you probably know, our population is growing each day and the rising affluence of new consumers in remote areas is going to benefit the company.

Their profit margin is 52.7%, with the quarterly revenue growth being 8.6%. Analysts predict that their YoY earnings growth will hit 16.7% soon and over the five years, their earnings growth is expected to hit 15% annually.

  • Denison Mines

With the market cap of $306.8 million, Denison Mines is a company that specializes in uranium exploration, development, as well as environmental services. We won’t complicate things here. Denison Mines represents a good choice for its constant interest increse. Furthermore, the company has 26 nuclear power reactors and 25 more under construction. Analysts predict that their YoY earnings growth will hit an astonishing 33.5% in the next couple of years.

  • Zynerba Pharmaceuticals

Zynerba Pharmaceuticals boasts a market cap of $136.5 million and is additionally boosted by the legalization of marijuana in the USA. Their total cash on hand is $59.7 million and their resources are big enough to fund the medical researches related to marijuana. Analysts say that the expected YoY earnings are 21.5% during 2019 and 20% during 2020.

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