Pinterest and Zoom IPO Date Revealed: Pinterest and Zoom Announce the Date for Going Public – IPOs to Go Live in a Public Debut in April

While 2018 saw over 20 different big tech companies such as Farfetch, DocuSign and more joining the stage of publicly traded companies, Wall Street is in anticipation for new unicorn companies such as Pinterest and Zoom, while Uber is also arriving in 2019 as one of the biggest IPOs by far estimated between 90 and 100 billion dollars ahead of its IPO.

Pinterest and Zoom IPO to Go Public In Between Lyft and Uber IPO Listing

Uber announced arriving to the market in May, while Pinterest and Zoom already announced going public on Thursday, April 18th, 2019, less than weeks after Lyft (LYFT) hit the markets at the opening price of 72$ per share.

Investors should stay busy having a social media platform with a focus on brands and advertising, and a video conferencing software provider offering shares to their companies on the same day.

Slack also represents another company looking to go public in the upcoming weeks alongside Uber, as well as Pinterest and Zoom.

Zoom IPO Getting Ready to Open Sales at 32$ Share Price, Pinterest Going for 15$

The social media platform that emphasized the lack of “social media” in the business model of Pinterest, while placing a focus on advertising through searching images available on the platform, is valued at 11.3 billion dollars for its IPO.

Additionally, Pinterest announced that the share price of the starting sale should range between 15$ and 17$ per share.

Zoom, on the other hand, most recently announced raising the share price for the opening sale, providing a price range between 32$ and 35$, with an estimate of 8.9 billion dollars based on the share price.

Zoom and Pinterest IPO Share Price and Estimates

Pinterest and Zoom, although belonging to different sectors and industries, are going public on the same day, which is why investors advise that the two companies shouldn’t be compared one to another but rather to other IPOs that already went public and belong to the same sector.

For instance, in this case, Pinterest could be compared to Twitter, Snap, and similar companies.

Moreover, the price of shares needs to be determined in accordance with the potential of the sector, growth rate and profitability of the company, especially to avoid a plunge by 28% as in the case with Lyft (LYFT) IPO.

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