Pinterest IPO – Uber IPO – Zoom IPO: Exciting Weeks Ahead as More IPOs Are Joining the Market in April and May

According to the principal at Renaissance Capital, Kathleen Smith, since the market was closed for offers in January and February, part of which was most definitely due to the government shutdown, there have been as little as 26 IPOs going public.

These IPOs managed to raise 6.6 billion dollars in the period between April 2018 and April 2019, however, April 2019 should bring around 2.5 billion in initial sales within a week with some of the biggest IPOs of 2019 officially going public.

Zoom and Pinterest IPO Arriving in April 2019

Zoom announced a rise in the planned share price for the opening sale, while Pinterest is aiming at starting the initial sale between the price range of 15$ and 17$ per share with estimates set at 11.3 billion dollars.

The cloud company, Zoom, which IPO sounds tempting to investors given the fact that Zoom is recording profitability alongside its great growth potential, has estimates set at 9 billion dollars.

Together with Greenlane, another company aiming to go live during the same week of April 2019 as Zoom and Pinterest, the companies could raise 2.5 billion dollars in a single week.

Uber IPO Getting Ready for the Biggest IPO Sale in 2019

With 90 billion to 100 billion dollars in estimates, the ridesharing company is said to be able to make a real disruption in the market, alongside having a previous estimate set at the value of 120 billion dollars.

Representing a true gem on the growing list of IPOs, it is expected to have Uber raise 10 billion dollars through its initial sale, which should contribute to the overall increase in the value of deals in 2019.

IPOs Out in 2019 Still Behind the List of Deals in 2018

Renaissance Capital’s Smith further claims that once Uber goes public in May, the value of deals in 2019 should improve compared to the last year’s lineup.

At the present state, there are 42% less deals in 2019 than in 2018.

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