XRP Price Will Soon Eventually Meet Up With Ripple’s Development And Go Higher

A popular member of the XRP Army and a financial advisor, Tiffany Hayden, recently said that the price of XRP would soon meet up with its development. The whole thing started when CCN published an article in which Wences Casares, the CEO of Xapo and director at PayPal, said that in the next seven to ten years, one Bitcoin will be worth $1 million or more. As expected, the post ignited a debate on Twitter. XRP supports posted a $42,000 XRP price prediction 2019. Other members of cryptocurrency community who do not believe in XRP came up and said that it was impossible for the price of XRP to move that high no matter how many years passed.

It was during this heated debate that Hayden said that XRP price is yet to catch up with its development but eventually will. Responding to one of the negative replies, Hayden said;

“I know the bear market has been difficult, particularly for people who bought at the peak, but the direction and momentum of $XRP have only increased since then. At some point, the price will *finally* reflect that. And then the haters will all scream “price manipulation!”

Will The Price Of XRP Increase?- XRP News Today – XRP Price Prediction 2019

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There have been many positive XRP news on the headlines but these have only had minimal impact on the price of XRP. In fact, the current price isn’t encouraging as it is struggling to hold one significant support after another. If it becomes valued the way it should, the price is going to reach higher highs than we have seen. This is because the cryptocurrency space moves in cyclical frequencies. So, the price of XRP will eventually reach the development.

Let us not forget that last year, during the cryptocurrency winter, XRP was one of the few projects that were reporting gains against the USD. Even if the gains were not too significant, it have been on an upward trajectory for months now. Per development, there have been many significant achievements. The xRapid protocol which is fueled by XRP was launched and it started getting the attention of banks and other financial institutions. All these have contributed to the adoption of the XRP token. Source: Smartereum

Ripple Confirms ‘Global Expansion’ Plan for Crypto-Powered xRapid

XRP price prediction 2019 isn’t as bright as it should be. In fact, the XRP technical indicators show that the price of XRP is going to fall by up to 50% against the USD before a recovery will occur. This is why many in the industry have agreed that the price of XRP is undervalued and it is not in line with its development and adoption. This doesn’t mean it’s going to remain this way forever.

According to the news of CCN; during an ask-me-anything session hosted by Ripple’s Ginger Baker, Birla said that the company is in the process of expanding its cross-border payments platform to more countries across the globe. He said:

On demand liquidity is available today in Mexico and the Philippines. So far, the positive responses from our customers in those two countries has (sic) been overwhelming. But we are working on the next set of destinations, which we will be announcing in hopefully short order here.

I know our product teams and marketing and engineering teams are working hard to light up those next set of destinations so that we can provide our customers with increased choice in terms of global expansion.

Birla explained that the current cross-border payments system is legacy in nature as sending money from one country to another is a time-consuming process.

If you’ve sent a bank wire, or if you’ve actually tried to wire money around the world, you know that it’s just faster probably to just get that money, get a plane and get it to your destination. The crazy thing about payments today in 2019 is that if you want to send money globally, it really hasn’t changed since the 1960s.

This is where xRapid comes into play by offering on-demand liquidity. But Ripple needs to ensure that it complies with the regulations of those countries where it plans to set up a payments corridor.

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