Hookipa Pharma IPO: What You Need to Know About Hookipa Pharma Inc. Ahead of Its IPO

It appears that there is an exciting week of April ahead of Wall Street as Pinterest and Zoom are coming out with their initial public offers, alongside Hookipa Pharma Inc. which is also waiting for its public debut.

IPO Class 2019: Hookipa, Pinterest, Zoom, Slack and Uber Ahead in the Upcoming Days and Weeks

In the meanwhile, the upcoming weeks should also bring Slack and Uber to the stage of publicly traded companies, while Hookipa Pharma should be out on April 18th, 2019, on Thursday, which is the same date when Nasdaq is welcoming Zoom under the thicker ZM and New York Stock Exchange is listing Pinterest under the thicker PINS.

Hookipa Pharma Inc. IPO: Hookipa IPO Date, Share Price and Estimates

Hookipa Pharma Inc. belongs to the biotech sector and its value lies in the company’s business operations as Hookipa is working with arenavirus-based platforms in order to develop treatments that would help with various types of cancer and infectious diseases and medical conditions.

Hookipa announced raising 84 million in private funds ahead of its IPO, expecting the share price range between 14$ and 16$ per share.

However, Hookipa decided to go for the lower end of their estimated share price, which means that the sale is more likely to open at 14$ per share.

Hookipa Pharma IPO Approved for a Listing on Nasdaq

Hookipa is approved for a listing on Nasdaq, where the company should have its public debut on the same date as Zoom, which will also be joining Hookipa on Nasdaq.

Hookipa should appear under the thicker HOOK, opening the sale at 14$ per share.

Additionally, one of Hookipa’s greatest drug development partners, Gilead, agreed that Hookipa is to receive 400 million dollars in milestone payments, while Gilead obtained all rights to HBV and HIV treatments that Hookipa is working on, funding the research and development of these treatments dubbed TheraT and VaxWave.

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