Best Markets For Real Estate Investing : Population Growth, Average Income

Real Estate can be tricky to figure out. Currently, home prices have seen an increase, that has left buyers wary of certain locations. Although the prices have generally gone up, there are still plenty of areas where real estate is a great investment.

Stick to Big Cities with Lots of Population

Something to look out for is population. Large cities do well with rental properties because their population is continuously growing. Big cities offer recreational centers, entertainment, pharmacies, supermarkets, schools, and more. These places attract people of all ages in all stages of life. Here are a couple of large cities that are a good investment:

1. Orlando, Florida.

Orlando is known for its large population of students and tourists. Because the city is constantly growing and has lot’s of schools to choose from, students come from all over looking for a place to stay.

2. Houston, Texas.

Another widely known location for good real estate in Houston. Located in the heart of Texas, Houston has wonderful housing market statistics that attract both buyers and investors. In this large city, the average cost of rent is 1,440, while the average household income is $ 62,000. This location is great because the people living in Houston can afford rent prices.

3.Cincinnati, Ohio

According to Forbes, Cincinnati is regarded as one of the “best markets for real estate investing”. This is understandable and impressive. The population in this beautiful city is growing at a rate of 3.05% per 7 years according to 

Have Patience: Take your time researching

There are great real estate investments out there, you just have to be patient! When researching keep these key factors in mind; population growth, average income, median monthly rent, and unemployment rate. Once you know and understand the areas you are searching, it is easier to make a sound and reasonable decision.

Disclaimer: The information on this site is provided for discussion purposes only, and should not be misconstrued as investment advice. Under no circumstances does this information represent a recommendation to buy or sell securities.