Apple (APPL) Stock Predictions 2020: Will Apple ( APPL) Come Back?

During 2018, Apple struggled to bring its new iPhones to the light. The models from 2018 resembled, in many ways, the models from the last year. With the increased prices of Apple couldn’t just go in guns-blazing and sell them as intended. 2018 was a rough year for Apple, yet its stock in 2018 ended at almost the same value where it started the year.

2019 Predictions for Apple

With a hard year left behind, analysts wondered if Apple could make a comeback. Many analysts believe that their stock won’t climb up until late in the year. The reason for this is that their flagship phones usually launch in the third quarter of the year. In August 2018, Apple had a market value of $1 trillion and analysts believe that they wouldn’t be able to return it in 2019. However, Gene Munster, Loup Ventures managing partner, believes that in 2020 Apple will return its market value and go beyond that.

Apple Stock Predictions for 2020

Apple has been hit very hard in 2018, thus regaining the throne in 2019 seems like an impossible mission. However, in 2020, Apple believes that they’ll be back on top. To make up for their iPhone losses, Apple now focuses on wearables and services. They plan to launch a video streaming service, similar to Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, which could bring them some revenue in 2020. Apple spends around $1 billion a year on video content but analysts say that they need to raise the value to $4 billion.

Apple Inc Future Plans

Apple analysts say that Apple is busy making the next big thing. Could it be the augmented reality? Maybe. They already added augmented reality in their mobile operating system and they also acquired less-known companies to work on the AR technology.

To put things into perspective, Apple’s future is all but certain. Investors are quite hesitant and we’ve yet to see how the company will perform in the next couple of years. Source: investors

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