Historical Stock Prices: Why Checking Historical Stock Performance is of Crucial Significance for Investors

Checking a company’s historical stock performance is vital in understanding investor’s perception of the company and their outlook for future prospects.

For different reasons, both fundamental analysts and technical analysts find out what a particular stock was trading for at a certain time in the past.

Fundamental Analysis and Historical Stock Prices

Fundamental analysts look at the company’s historical prices as one factor in determining a company potential growth and valuation while technical analysts look at historical prices to find resistance levels and support for stocks and other securities.

This will help them know how the stock performed in past business cycles, how much profit it has generated for investors and how it reacted to certain economic events.

However, many websites provide historical prices and quotes as well as different financial metrics across all categories if you are interested in starting your stock-investing career.

Crucial Metrics for Understanding Stock Performance

Websites like Marketwatch.com and Bloomberg.com as well as Yahoo Finance, Nasdaq Website, all Street Journal, Macrotrends, Tiingo, and many more are among the most popular. These websites provide helpful information that will put you on the right path to becoming a smart investor.

Investors can visit these websites and look up and back for stock prices from years and decades ago. Just input that date as the start and end date and click “Get Prices” or a similar button to view prices for a single day in a previous year. To see prices for a range of days, type in the first day as the start date and the last day as the end date, or you input the name or ticker symbol of the stock and the time you want to get the stock price.

With all these tools available on the Internet, you have no excuse for not thoroughly researching every potential stock investment you are planning.

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