Ripple XRP Will Gain 300 Million New Users With Addition of Skype: Crypto Rating Weiss

In Ripple XRP news today, Microsoft, owners of Skype react to a suggestion by Weiss ratings that XRP will be included in the instant messaging app.

Weiss Ratings, a traditional financial asset rating agency which also provides cryptocurrency ratings, has suggested that XRP will be integrated with Skype instant messaging app. Weiss wrote:

“#XRP may soon get integrated into #Skype, picking up access to 300 million users for their XRP #TipBot app to send messages to users. XRP TipBot already can be used with #Outlook, #Reddit, #Twitter, #Gmail. #moreAdoption”

In its post, Weiss referred to XRP TipBot, a tool developed by Ripple XRPL Labs that allows users to send XRP to individuals when chatting with them. TipBot is already integrated with popular forum Reddit as well as social media and messaging platforms including Gmail, Twitter, Discord and Microsoft Outlook.

Before now, Microsoft-owned Skype had suggested it was open to the idea of integrating xrp and cryptocurrency the platform. When an XRP proponent requested that Skype added a feature that allowed users to send XRP by supporting the XRP tipBot tool, a Microsoft representative explained they are open to the idea though they have not developed cryptocurrency feature for Skype yet.

“Like any other leading technology company, Microsoft is already testing blockchain,” the rep said in a forum response.

Then continued;

“Although I don’t have any information about cryptocurrency adoption for Skype or any other MS product, please keep continuing supporting this idea. I will share it with our teams.”

Microsoft has since included support for XRP tipbot for Microsoft Outlook.  Source: Smartereum

XRP News Today- Wietse’s Effort Would Drive Ripple XRP To New Highs

XRP Price prediction 2019 is set for a new twist is xrp adoption suggestion by top cryptocurrency rating agency pans out. XRP Army, XRP rich list, and digital asset investors in general been treated to several xrp news of adoption and partnership in 2019 alone. XRP-based products like x-Rapid and XRP TipBot launched by Ripple XRP Labs has attracted many organizations to use the xrp cryptocurrency thereby increasing demand for the token and in some instances impacting xrp price on cryptocurrency exchanges.

According to the XRP analysis on NewsBtc; cryptocurrencies need adoption to thrive. Day-to-day use means acceptance, and if one coin goes mainstream, then its value will surely skyrocket.  Skyrocket means 10X gains and even $579 the ever-supportive XRP army believe the coin is worth.

Even so, XRP is struggling and yet to close above essential resistance levels perhaps bogged down by fundamental factors. Note that the market is up and lifting altcoins is Bitcoin, which is steady above $5,000.

However, Ripple (XRP) is under-performing despite temporarily rallying yesterday. From a fundamental point of view, development around XRP use case will surely lift prices. A case in point is Wietse Wind’s development and acceptance of an XRP Payment App that got the nod from Apple and Google Play store allowing XRP holders to spend the coin. Wietse Wind tweeted;

“Right on time! Our XRPayments app was just accepted by Google and Apple. You can get the app now from the Apple iOS or Google Play store, and start accepting $XRP for payments in your physical store!”

XRP Price Predictions

Name Price24H (%)

According to the latest XRP prediction on UToday; April 19 began for XRP with a significant decline – its price reduced by approximately 2% in just 1 hour. However, then a bounce-back happened, and the coin managed to consolidate within the descending channel at $0.33.

At the same time, convergence is observed on the MACD indicator, which shows a weakening of the downward movements. Resistance in the current pattern is located at $0.345, a breakout of which will be a signal for the development of the next bullish wave. The immediate aim of growth will be the area of $0.37.

Currently, the $0.30 area still remains quite strong support for Ripple. In addition, the price has all chances to rise above $0.3320 and $0.3350 in the near future, but only with an increase in trading volumes. This is really a crucial moment for the digital asset.

The Bakkt platform is about to obtain a NYDFS license to start trading cryptocurrency, including Ripple. If NYDFS gives the green light, the largest financial companies will be able to buy XRP. As a result, profits will increase, and the price of the coin will go up significantly.

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