Crypto Market Price Predictions 2020: What Are Experts Forecasting for Cryptocurrency Sector?

With almost 4 months down 2019, analysts have started predicting the possible rates of some of the top digital assets. Presently it seems there are a number of profitable coins that are lucrative when it comes to investing for the long term.

The market of cryptocurrency is changing vastly and hence we present the top 10 price predictions for some of the well-known digital assets.

Some factors on which the cryptocurrency prices are largely dependent upon include software upgrade, market hype, reliability, government regulations, and platform applications.


Majority of the analysts predict Bitcoin to remain a popular choice in the top crypto coins in 2020. The value can sustain because of institutional money, potential global financial crisis, and fast adoption rate.

The prices are expected to grow by 200% in a phase of 2 years. It means by September next year, it should be anywhere around $13,000.


It seems to be in a controversial position where experts are more inclined towards a pessimistic prediction.

Despite being one of the popular dApp development platforms, there are chances that things might change if they are not equipped to handle the transaction load. Estimates still predict it to be touching $11,375 per coin within a span of one year.


XRP is expected to become the leader of the banking infrastructure. Experts are highly optimistic about the Ripple forecast for the coming year.

With rumors that Ripple has entered into a partnership with Western Union and looks forward to replacing the SWIFT network, the future looks bright. Estimates suggest a 380% rise in prices in the next couple of years.


In case you are confused about the coin you should be investing, EOS is something that you can look forward to. It will become the top system for enterprise applications. The year 2020 will be a golden year for the company as experts predict its prices to touch $95 by the middle of next year.

Stellar Lumens

XLR is the primary contender for XRM wherein experts believe that Ripple will dominate the banking space. The remaining share is expected to be tapped by Stellar Lumens which includes remittance payments, decentralized exchanges, ICOs, Lightening Network and cross-border payments at small banks. Predicted price is slated to touch $0.64 to $0.70 by 2020.

Other Currencies and their predictions are as follows:

NFO $88
Cardano $0.5
Litecoin $80
QASH $12
tZERO 200-$285


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