Twitter (TWTR) Stock: Is Twitter (TWTR) Looking at Improvements in the Following Period of 2019?

Since Twitter is having troubles with the declining number of monthly active users, the company recently decided to change this metric with monetizable daily active users instead.

The first quarter report for 2019 should be the last report containing numbers for monthly active users alongside the number of monetizable daily active users (mDAU).

In the meanwhile, analysts expect to see strong winter reports alongside benevolent Q4 2019 reports given the fact that Twitter usually does more than well during winter periods.

Twitter Working on Improving the Performance of Its Social Media Platform

According to Twitter Inc representatives, the company has been working on improving the overall performance of the company, while simultaneously operating with plans to make the network less toxic for users.

Alongside working on the general performance and the overall health of the social media platform, the company will probably report increases in the number of monetizable daily active users.

In this case, Barclay’s Ross Sandler expects to see 130 million mDAUs for the period of the first quarter of 2019, expecting to see an improvement by 4 million users in oppose to Q4 2018.

Twitter Stocks and What to Expect from Twitter Earnings?

Sandler considers that Twitter stocks are underweight, while FactSet predicts 15 cents per share in earnings in oppose to 16 cents recorded in 2018.

However, Estimize considers that the company should report 18 cents per share within a general consensus.   Even though TWTR is now considers as underweight, positive numbers may attract more investors once the report is out.

Twitter Expected Sales for Q1 2019

During Q1 2018, Twitter reported 655 million dollars in revenue, while market analysts expect to see substantial increases in revenue for Q1 2019, at the same time the first report for the year of 2019.

FactSet came to a consensus of 774 million dollars, Estimize expects to see 780 million dollars, while the overall estimate is ranging between 715 million and 775 million dollars for Twitter in Q1 2019.

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