Another Win For VeChain Blockchain: VeChain Thor (VET) Pulled Deloitte Off The Ethereum Blockchain

During the VeChain summit, it was revealed that Deloitte, a professional services firm, is migrating from the Ethereum blockchain to the VeChain Thor blockchain. This is another win for the VeChain Thor blockchain and it is most likely going to impact the VeChain Thor price prediction and VeChain value in the future.

Having Deloitte migrate from the Ethereum blockchain to the VeChain blockchain is a big deal as it is one of the “Big Four” professional services firms. You’ll recall that VeChain already onboarded PricewaterhouseCoopers last year. So, the network has successfully onboard two out of the top four professional services firms. Both firms will be building solutions on the VeChain Thor blockchain. The other two firms among the big four are KPMG and Ernst and Young. These two are also interested in implementing blockchain technology for better services.

Apart from onboarding, Antonio Senatore, the Global CTO of Deloitte would become a member of the VeChain advisory board. Taking to Twitter, one member of the VeChain community talked about some of the recent VeChain news that would most likely influence the VeChain Thor price prediction and VeChain value this year and in the long run;

“#Deloitte announced they will be developing its #blockchain solutions on #VeChainThor and migrating from #Ethereum due to the advance features of the #VeChainThor blockchain. Their open source block explorer and #Loki (#Truffle for #VeChain) will be released to the public soon.”

VeChain News – VeChain Summit

VeChain partnerships are increasing more and more as the day goes by. Big players in different industries are teaming up with VeChain and businesses are using the VeChain nodes and VeChain blockchain for their businesses. When we look at the other positive WeChain news, we will see the ToolChain. During the VeChain summit, Sunny Lu announced the debut of ToolChain. ToolChain is a developer suite for those who want to build on the VeChain blockchain.

Keep in mind that earlier in the year, VeChain news about a partnership with Game of Thrones producers went viral. The VeChain nodes would be used for Game of Thrones sneakers. All the details of the sneakers throughout its life cycle would be recorded on the blockchain. Last year, they also sealed many other VeChain partnerships. Before the end of the year, the VeChain Foundation is going to secure more partnerships.

VeChain Thor Price Prediction

VeChain (VET) Price Today – VET / USD

Name Price24H (%)
VeChain (VET)

Deloitte generated over $43 billion in revenue last year. Having such a company move from Ethereum to VeChain Thor is a big deal. It is going to serve as a beacon for more companies to explore the VeChain Thor blockchain. This would lead to an increase in adoption of the VeChain blockchain and eventually boost the VeChain Thor price prediction long-term. Source: Smartereum

VeChain Thor (VET) Price Analysis

According to to the latest VeChain analysis on bitcoinexchangeguide; the trade levels around $0.007 and $0.0068 marks have been observed as the range price areas within which the VET/USD market valuation has been found ranging today. Yesterday had the same market points around which the market featured a series of range price movements.

As at now, the crypto-pair has been hovering around the upper range part of the market. The Bollinger Upper Band is located near the said upper range mark. Noticeably, all the trading indicators are located around the current range spots. The Stochastic Oscillators are slightly pointing north below range 80.

The VET/USD market may still be stylishly pushed northwards further in a range moving-mote for a while towards or around its immediate supply level at $0.007. Traders are enjoined to watch out for a strong price action to back up their entry myth in this crypto-trade.

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