Facebook Inc Earnings: Is Facebook (FB) Affected by the Negative Momentum Surrounding Social Media Regulations?

Even though Facebook shares are down by -16% from an all-time high share price recorded in July 2018, the company managed to meet expectations of investors with financial reports for the mentioned year.

Facebook is now getting ready to publish the company’s quarterly reports on Wednesday, April 24th, having the market watchdogs expecting to see more positive metrics for Q1 2019.

Facebook Not Affected by Social Media Regulations

The company is focusing on attracting more users, while Facebook already has 2.2 billion users on their network, creating a major potential for the company’s main source of revenue, which is advertising.

Even though the social media giant struggled with the data selling fiasco, which became a subject of pending social media regulations, investors don’t seem to be bothered with the fact that Facebook was in the main focus of Cambridge Analytica scandal.

That is how advertisers using Facebook still remain faithful to the network, in addition to considering that the costs of the company would also be significantly cut after the Q1 2019 report goes public.

Facebook Inc Estimates for Q1 2019 Financial Report

Analysts believe that the first quarter report for 2019 from Facebook should show a drop by -6% on year to year period, predicting that the revenue will show increases by 25% at the same time.

Moreover, analysts believe that the company should also report an increased userbase on a global level with the following report for the first quarter of 2019.

Facebook (FB) Earnings per Share

According to FactSet, Facebook might report earnings per share 1.62$, which would mean that Facebook’s EPS would be down in the first quarter in oppose to the value of 1.69$ earnings per share recorded in the first quarter of 2018.

Adjusted earnings per share average is said to se settled at 1.74$.



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