Pinterest Stock (PINS): How Well is Pinterest Stock Doing After PINS IPO Debut?

Pinterest went public on April 18th, approved for a listing on New York Stock Exchange under the thicker PINS, after which it appears that investors are still interest in this stock.

At the same time, investors also have a chance for making a profit given the fact that Pinterest started at the price of 19$ per share from the previously planned price range between 15$ and 17$, trading at 28$ only one week later since Pinterest had its public debut.

Pinterest Stock (PINS) Share Price and Estimates

Starting at 19$ share price for the first trading session, Pinterest stock started at the value of 23$ per share, after which the stock didn’t go lower than the initial price.

The progress in terms of the rising price goes outside the hype of the first trading session as Pinterest stock continues to grow even a week later.

The stock jumped by over 6% hitting a new high of 28.80$ in a single day on April 25th, while Pinterest share price increased by 28% by far.

According to analysts following up with Pinterest performance, the stock price may continue to rise.

Pinterest Growth Rates

Even though, unlike Zoom, Pinterest didn’t manage to showcase excessive profitability, the company definitely has tempting growth rates.

Pinterest has around 300 million users that rely on this social media platform focused on visuals and advertising of brands, additionally having the revenue of the company soar by 60% to 755 million dollars recorded in 2018.

Pinterest Financial Reports and Revenue for Q1 2019

Analysts are positive about Pinterest and the rate growth behind the company, furthermore expecting that the company would report at least 51% to 54% increase in revenue for Q1 2019.

Moreover, Pinterest is already recording increases in the number of monetizable users, indicating that the company now has 22% more monthly active users in oppose to Q1 2018 with 291 million users.

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