Good News for XRP: Ripple’s Partnership with PTTEP May Put XRP to the Bullish Zone- Ripple Member Yoshitaka Kitao

Ripple has secured a lot of partnerships over the past year. A lot of firms and institutions are now associating themselves with the San Francisco-based startup. Ripple aims to revolutionize the payment industry with its products. The startup has several cross-border payment protocols. The most recent product of the firm is xRapid. Ripple launched xRapid last year, and the announcement of xRapid significantly boosted the price of XRP.

Ripple XRP News Today

According to reports, PTTEP is entering into a strategic partnership with Ripple Inc. PTTEP (PTT Exploration and Production) is the largest petroleum firm in Thailand. The firm is partnering with Ripple to use the payment protocol of Ripple in international remitting. According to the announcement on the official site of PTTEP, Siam Commercial Bank and PTTEP are working together to heighten their international transactions for PTTEP. Siam Commercial Bank (SCB) has already deployed the international payment system of Ripple. Siam recently announced that it will soon be completing the integration of xCurrent – one of the products of Ripple.

Big companies that want to stay at the top of their games and stand out in their various industries are using the blockchain technology of Ripple. This is exactly what PTTEP aims to achieve with its collaboration with Ripple. Ripple and Siam will work together to facilitate the payments of PTTEP to its customers all over Southeast Asia. Will this partnership result in an increase in XRP price? What is the short-term XRP price prediction 2019? Will XRP recover? We will see.

XRP Price Analysis – XRP Price Prediction 2019 

XRP (XRP) Price Today – XRP / USD

The price trend in the crypto market yesterday was not really favorable. There was also a break below the 32 cents level and the 100-hourly simple moving average. The price of XRP later surged over the 32 cents level but failed to break over the 50 percent Fibonacci retracement level of the previous swing from the high of $0.3288 to the low of $0.3175.

This resulted in a sharp decline in the price of XRP. XRP USD price plunged below the 31 cents and 30 cents support levels. The price of XRP dipped further and traded close to the 29 cents level. At the moment, the 29 cents level is acting as support for the coin. On the upside, XRP price is facing resistance at the 31 cents level. A break over the 31 cents level might pave the way for more gains towards the 32 and 34 cents level.

Ripple Inc. and XRP (XRP) are two independent entities according to Ripple. However, every action Ripple takes significantly and directly affects the price of XRP. XRP is one of the most active crypto projects in the blockchain space. Ripple Inc. has been working tirelessly to increase in the adoption and relevance of the digital currency in the crypto space. XRP USD live price is currently in the red, but the digital currency has had a pretty great month. Also, XRP price prediction 2019 is bullish, and the price of XRP is waiting for the next bulls to ride on.

Ripple XRP News Today – Ripple (XRP) Drop 12 Cents But With Yoshitaka‘s Membrance

Yoshitaka Kitao, the president of SBI Holdings is bullish for Ripple (XRP). It’s not hard to see why. According to the latest XRP news on Newsbtc; Kitao brings expertise that would guide Ripple Inc towards world domination. Meanwhile, Ripple (XRP) is down 12 percent retesting Q1 2019 support.

All the same, investors are optimistic and as Ripple Inc layout strategies of replacing SWIFT as the dominant, cheap and settlement platform allowing for instant settlement, Yoshitaka Kitao, an ardent supporter, founder, president and CEO of SBI Holdings is now a board of director at Ripple Inc.

In accepting, Kitao said:

“Blockchain and digital assets are changing the way we move money around the world, and Ripple is the driving force behind this positive change. I am excited by this opportunity to lend my expertise and be part of the company’s next phase of growth.”

Chris Larsen, the Chair executive chair of the board, commented:

“I am excited to welcome Mr. Kitao to our Board of Directors. From conventional financial markets to digital asset markets, his deep understanding of the financial services industry will offer valuable business and financial expertise to help Ripple continue to scale”

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