Ex-bankers managing top fintech firms

12 Fintech Companies and what they do and their top staff


Wealth not properly managed soon grows wings and flies away. This company helps to get the best wealth manager and also search for the best investment for your wealth. It is owned by Dominic Gamble.


Not often does the word loan come immediately after the word affordable. At Neyber this is the norm. They help staff access affordable loans. It is co-owned by Monica Kalia, Ezechi Britton, and Martin Ijaha.

Digital Assets Holding

The much talked about blockchain technology is the forte of this company. It provides the blockchain software for other Fintech Companies. It is owned, Blythe Masters.


This company offers cloud services and helps companies in the management of such services. It also develops FX trading software for banks and Fx traders. Vikas Srivastava is the CRO of the company.


AI is the future and the world is quickly learning that. Pefin puts this technology to use in providing financial advice to its customers. Catherine Flax is the CEO.

The Orogen Group

The group is interested in long-term investments in Fintech Companies. It seeks investments in companies that provide insurance, loan companies or Fintech companies. It is owned by Vikram Pandit.


Addepar provides a robust online financial platform for wealth and asset management and investment. It is used by both investors and advisors. It is owned by Eric Poirier.


This company is focused on investing in financial technology. Such technology may cut across payment services for merchants, lending and investments. Hans Morris is one of the Managing Partners.


Fenergo offers the complete investment package for its investors. It is involved in lifecycle investment. It provides this services for both private and investment banks. Spencer Lake is its vice chairman.


The group offers online services for National Market System securities. Trading of such securities online requires matching and routing, this group provides these services. Brad Katsuyama is one of its co-founders.

Trumid Financial

They provide a platform for trading in bonds (corporate or investment grades). It is owned by Ronnie Mateo.


Are you an investment professional? Imagine having data from about 500 publishers on investments. Various programming languages can be used to access the API that will, in turn, be used to access the data provided by Quandl. Tammer Kamel is a co-founder and CEO.

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