Buying An Investment Property Before The First Home

Buying a home is a tough decision. An even tougher choice is to properly invest in a property. Now imagine purchasing and investing a home

As nerve-wracking as it may sound, it is definitely doable! If you are young, and looking to buy an investment property without your first home, look no further! According to the latest housing market news on realwealthnetwork, you can find some tips on how to buy investment properties before your first home.

1. Establish a Reputable Reputation

Most investors looking for a home who do not have their own first home are usually young. Age can play a large factor in the way buyers and leasers look at the owners of investment properties. In order to build and establish a reputable reputation, you must look into building an audience of customers who are interested in what you have to offer. This can be done through social media groups and in-person networking events.

2. Look into Loans and Lender Companies

Since you do not have your first home yes, it is a safe bet t assume you may not have the money needed to invest or buy. If you do not or only have partial, look into loans and lender companies willing to lend to first-time homeowners. There are two widely known government-funded loans that are perfect for investors who do not have the money or experience.

Government-funded loans are not the only kind of loans out there. Plenty of local and national companies offer money with low to no down payment rates and interest!

3. Define How you are Going to Invest

An important step in investing in property is to discover how and why. After you have bought the property or home, what are you going to do with it? There are plenty of options such as renting on websites like Airbnb, leasing full-time to students and adults, and House Flipping for a profit.

Housing Market News – Your first house should be an investment property

The dream of owning your own “castle” has changed a little, with many first homebuyers today buying an investment property first instead.

The increasing appeal for younger generations to rent in desirable locations (where they can’t afford to buy) and buy an investment property where they can afford to but don’t want to live, is behind this sentiment shift to buying an investment property before their first home.


This trend, described as “rent-vesting”, suits the lifestyle of many millennials, allowing them flexibility in where they live, giving them the opportunity to travel and at the same time allowing them to grow their wealth.

Buying an investment property first may help you achieve your ultimate goal of owning your dream home in a number of ways:

1. Someone else pays the mortgage

Imagine you find a property you’d like to call home, but can’t quite afford to buy it right now.

One solution could be to initially rent it out so the tenant helps pay off your mortgage until such a time as your finances improve and you can move in yourself.

2. The benefits of capital growth

There’s no doubt in my mind that if I had to choose between cash flow and capital growth as an investment strategy, I’d invest for capital growth every time. economy property market grow wealth house dream first home

If your investment performs well, it could help reduce the amount you ultimately need to borrow to buy your new home. Source: propertyupdate

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