Bexplus Analysts – Bitcoin May Surge to $6K Due to Tether Printed 300M USDT

Tether’s USDT stablecoin has seemingly kept on dominating the cryptocurrency trading scene, as BTC/USDT volumes have increased their market share from 70% in February to 81.7% of all BTC trading volume in March.

Bitcoin price after correcting from its 2019 high of $5600 last week, trades just under $5,300 at the time of writing.

At the same time, USDT production stepped up in April to almost reach its all-time high level of $2.83 billion.

Tether production and reduction have traditionally impacted on Bitcoin price performance.

Bexplus analysts predicted that Bitcoin price will go up from the current level based on the potential room for growth.

How to Maximize Profits if BTC Recovers Back to $6,000 in Bexplus?

Bexplus is at the forefront of innovation in cryptocurrency futures trading area. Bexplus offers 100x leverage across BTC, ETH and LTC perpetual contracts. Founded in Hong Kong 2017, Bexplus has established offices in United States, Australia, Russia, Brazil and etc, with over 10,000,000 daily trading volume since 2018.

Many traders used to trade futures contracts in BitMEX turned to Bexplus exchange. Firstly, BitMEX’s trading interface is very complex for novice traders. Secondly, BitMEX has a reputation for being frequently unstable, causing traders to be liquidated or miss out on profitable trades.

While Bexplus offers easy-to-use and clear trading interface as well as trading simulator, helping traders be familiar with futures trading in a short time.

Besides, Bexplus’s orders execution system is designed to facilitate a great number of orders per second and extreme loads. Even when there is great market fluctuation, all orders will be executed immediately with low latency and sufficient liquidity.

In the spot trades, if you buy 1 BTC at the price of $5,300, it climbs up to $6,000, you can only earn $700.

With BTC futures trading, the hottest new trend in crypto trading, if you invest in 1 BTC at the same price with 100x leverage, when BTC price rises to $6,000, you will get profits of 1 BTC * (6000-5300)/5300 * 100% = 13 BTC = $78,000.

Win FREE BTC in Bexplus Platform with 100% Deposit Bonus

100% BTC bonus is a giveaway to users after deposit in Bexplus, which can also be used to trade futures contracts. The more deposit, the more bonus you will get. You can get up to 10 BTC as a bonus!

With the bonus, your margin rate will be increased which may help you get more profits in futures trading.

Up to 50% Referral Reward

Invite friends to join Bexplus, you will have chance to share up to 50% of your invitees’ deposits as referral rewards. If your invitees deposit in 10 BTC, you will earn 5 BTC which can be used in futures trading as well as withdrawn.

If you are looking for a reliable and safe futures trading exchange in crypto market, Bexplus is a good option for you.

Both novice and professional traders can find well-designed and simple trading tools and enjoy a variety of advanced features in Bexplus.

Bexplus also provides investment consultant services to traders, helping them profits from the market fluctuation.

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