Digital Health IPOs 2019: Livongo, HealthCatalyst and Change Healthcare Preparing for the Wall Street with the Announced IPOs

The sector of digital health “easily” merges algorithms, healthcare and devices, which appears to have become a favorable combination attractive to investors in the course of the last several years.

That is how digital health companies such as Livongo, HealthCatalyst and Change Healthcare are announcing going public in 2019, leading the pipeline of digital health IPOs that are yet to hit the stock markets.

Digital Health IPO: Livongo IPO Estimates, Date, Price and Value

Livongo is one of the first digital health IPOs to announce going public, even though the market is yet to see such IPO arriving at the scene.

The company was founded back in 2014, focused on creating apps and tools that could help people to stay healthy, such as diabetes and mental health tools, while providing tutorials and tips, as well as working on managing and preventing chronic medical conditions,

Livongo is looking for 1 billion in evaluation with a plan to go public in Q3 of 2019.

The upcoming IPO raised 105 million dollars in the latest funding round, altogether having 200 million dollars received through private funding rounds.

Digital Health IPO: HealthCatalyst IPO Estimates, Date, Price and Value

HealthCatalyst is focused on integrating information extracted from healthcare organizations for the general improvement of population’s health.

The company, just as Livongo from the same sector, has a plan of going public, while HealthCatalyst managed to raise 377 million dollars in 9 private funding rounds by far.

The IPO date, as well as share price and exact estimates are yet to be revealed as the IPO status is still set on private.

Digital Health IPO: Change Healthcare IPO Estimates, Date, Price and Value

Another digital health company, Change Healthcare, is getting ready for its IPO debut. Likely to become public by the end of Q3 2019, Change Healthcare is focused on cutting the costs of healthcare.

Change Healthcare filed for their IPO back in March 2019 under a proposed thicker CHNG, and an offer of 100 million dollars, while exact share price and date are yet to be revealed.

The company will go public on Nasdaq exchange.

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