Chewy IPO 2019: Everything You Need to Know About and the Upcoming IPO of an Online Pet Shop

What is interesting in the prolonged trend of launching IPOs is the fact that there are so many diverse companies among those waiting for their public debut.

From Slack – business messaging platform to Lyft and Uber – ridesharing companies, Pinterest and Zoom Communications – a social network focused on advertising and video conferencing company; an online pet shop is getting ready for IPO, too. announced filing S-1, which means that Chewy is waiting for its public debut.

Chewy IPO 2019: Share Price, Estimates, Date, Company Info is an online retailer focused on selling food and equipment for pets, while the online store is owned by a privately held company called PetSmart.

PetSmart bought Chewy for 3.3 billion dollars, planning on becoming majority shareholder once Chewy IPO becomes official.

There will be A class and B class shares, where one A class share will represent a single vote and B class which will be reserved for insider investors will make up for 10 votes per share.

The number of shares, or the share price, are still not revealed, however, it is presumed that Chewy is planning on raising 100 million dollars through IPO.

Chewy IPO Evaluation

While the share price and the number of shares still remain unknown by far, alongside with the date of the exact IPO debut, Chewy IPO already received estimates.

Former estimates are hinting that the online retailer for pet equipment should be valued between 4.15 and 4.75 billion dollars. Profits and Revenue

Going back to 2014, Chewy is showcasing a profitable business history, however, profit numbers are varying from year to year while also recording losses.

Chewy reported 204 million in 2014, 2.1 billion dollars in revenue for 2017, and 3.53 billion in 2018 with 68% of growth year to year.

Additionally, losses have dropped in 2018 in oppose to 2017, where 2017 recorded 337.8 million in losses and 267.8 million dollars in 2018.



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