What Is The Real Cost Of Birth Control? The Best Ways For Birth Control

The truth is, barely anyone talks about the real cost of birth control. The other truth is, it really varies from the method you prefer, your health situation, and of course, of the insurance.

Many people claim how birth control pills are actually very expensive, but be sure to think rationally. Something that may sound expensive at the first moment actually looks cheaper for the long term. This is just an example for you to get an idea of the whole picture of this ‘problem’.

The Best Ways For Birth Control

Birth control pills, for example, may cost you from 10$ to 50$ per month. They are definitely one of the best ways for birth control, yet, some women may experience huge side effects. So, test those on yourself for a week (of course, by consulting with your doctor), and then, if you don’t have the side effects, know how this is the best option for birth control.

Condom may sound like a good choice (and it is, especially if you are not using it with your long-term partner), but condoms are not actually that reliable, and besides that, if you have sex often, that may cost you a lot (cannot say how much because that depends on your sexual behaviors).

The vaginal ring is not that popular, or not much people are talking about it. If you want to get one, which will produce the hormones that will keep you ‘safe’ from pregnancy, that will cost you approximately $300 per year. The problem with it is how you need to go to the checkups and meet your doctor more often.

The diaphragm is a better option than a vaginal ring because you will literally pay just $20 ‘per year’ for it. Besides that, you won’t need to think much about the consequences. Numerous women all around the globe prefer this option.

What do you think, should people even think about saving money on birth control? Which of these options do you prefer?

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