Uber vs Lyft: Lyft Preparing the Very First Earnings Report After IPO While Uber is About to Join the Stock Market

It seems that the month of May in 2019 will become even more exciting to watchdogs of the stock market as Lyft is preparing to announce the very first earnings report since the ridesharing company launched their IPO in March debut.

Although Lyft did not encounter the warmest of welcomes when the company launched their IPO back at the end of March 2019, the announced earnings report could set things straight for Lyft.

While Lyft IPO might be looking at a “make it or break it” moment, Uber is preparing to launch their IPO, which could potentially be the biggest IPO seen in years.

Lyft After LYFT IPO: Can the Announced Earnings Report Pull Things Out for Lyft Stocks

Although Lyft had a flattering starting position set at 72$ share price, the stock soon dropped to 62$ in the course of approximately 4 weeks.

The case indicated that the ridesharing company wasn’t as accepted through its IPO as originally expected, however, this case might as well change with the announced report.

Lyft started releasing the first earnings report ever since going public, which could help the share price rebound in case the company comes out with good news on Tuesday, May 7th.

Uber Could Be the Biggest IPO the Stock Market Had Seen in Years

With estimates set between 90 billion and 100 billion dollars, Uber might as well become the biggest IPO for 2019 and one of the biggest initial public offers the Wall Street had seen in years.

However, although Uber has amazing and enthusiastic estimates, the ridesharing giant may encounter a dose of skepticism in the market.

This is the case because both companies, Uber and Lyft, are coping with steep losses, which is at the same time the biggest concern of investors who are ranking both company’s stocks as neutral.

Uber should be out with their IPO already in May, while the company is planning on opening the first sale at the share price between 45$ and 55$.

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