New Study Reveals That Bitcoin Network Exceeds 100,000 Nodes

Bitcoin’s total number of nodes has surpassed 100,000.  Due to incorrect reports from the mainstream crypto data platforms and also a misconception between listening nodes and full nodes, there has been controversy over the number of nodes in the Bitcoin network.

To resolve this confusion, we have to start with the discrepancy between listening nodes and full nodes

Bitcoin full node is any computer that can be connected to the BTC network. The most prominent Bitcoin nodes play a significant role in the network maintaining consensus and runs the Bitcoin core. Particularly, BTC full nodes ensure the network abides by its prescribed rules such as preventing double spending and controlling the number of BTC per block.

The consequences of reporting 10,000 nodes is that the BTC network is more decentralized than earlier realized, based on the type of nodes you count.  It is revealed that more than half of the nodes in the BTC network are running older versions than the recent 0.17.x iteration.

Bitcoin (BTC) News Today – Bitcoin Listening Nodes

Listening nodes carry out more work on the Bitcoin network than full nodes do.  Listening nodes are publicly connectable and operate as redistribution points for the BTC network. Listening nodes transmit large amounts of data to full nodes in the BTC network and they are sometimes referred to as ‘supernodes’.

As supernodes usually transmit large amounts of data, the hardware requirements and expense of running one are more than a full mode. This may explain why there are less listening nodes than full nodes in the network.

Listening nodes are very effective; they make the BTC network more decentralized and efficient by operating as relay stations. However, the number of full nodes in BTC network has arguably overshadowed their importance. Therefore listening nodes are transmitters of information and not primary in maintaining consensus in the network.

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