Upcoming IPOs in May 2019: Uber and 14 IPOs Upcoming in May 2019 – Uber Collecting Momentum as the Biggest IPO in 2019

The biggest IPO of 2019, Uber IPO has been started on Thursday, May 9th.  At the opening sale, Uber started at the price of 45$, soon going down below the initial price and touching 41$ per share at the closing.

Lyft had a similar destiny, Uber’s ridesharing competitor that went public at the end of March 2019, dropping from the starting share price of 72$ and ending at 51$ over the course of 5 weeks.

Uber raised 8.1 billion dollars with their IPO in oppose to the expected 9 billion, while market capitalization of Uber now stands at 76.5 billion dollars.

Uber is set to become the largest IPO in 2019 even though Beyond Meat IPO (BYND) showcased an amazing performance due to increased demand among investors.

Uber’s main challenger, Lyft (LYFT), didn’t quite managed to raise the same level of interest as Beyond Meat or Uber ahead of its IPO, so there are some speculations on the matter of how Uber will be welcomed.

This is the case because both ridesharing companies are still struggling with losses in attempt to generate a solid profit.

Besides from Uber IPO, there are 14 additional IPOs arriving in May, set to keep Wall Street investors busy starting from May 9th.

Here is the list of the upcoming IPOs in May 2019 by far.

Landcadia Holdings (LCAHU)

Landcadia is a blank check company, the second in line by Landry’s and Jeffries CEOs, set to raise 250 million dollars within their IPO.

The company has 25 million A class shares, priced at 10$ per share each.

Axcella Health (AXLA)

Axcella Health is one of the six biotech companies planning on going public in May 2019. The company is developing treatments and foods for metabolic dysregulation of liver.

Axcella Health is set to raise 75 million dollars with their IPO, and is approved for a listing on Nasdaq with 3.6 million shares priced between 20$ and 22$ per share.

Applied Therapeutics (APLT)

Founded back in 2015, Applied Therapeutics is a biotech company operating with therapies for diabetic cardiomyopathy.

The company is offering 4 million A class shares with the plan to raise 60 million dollars with the share price set at the range between 14$ and 16$ per share.

HeadHunter Group (HHR)

One of the rare companies based in Russia with a plan to get listed on Nasdaq under the thicker HHR.

This Russian-based job online platform managed to generate 94 million dollars in sales since May 2018, with a plan to offer 16.3 million shares under the price range set at 11$ and 13.5$ per share.

HeadHunter Group is aiming at raising 200 million dollars with their IPO.

Cortexyme (CRTX)

Cortexyme is one of biotech companies that are to become publicly traded in May 2019. The company is working on an innovative therapy for Alzheimer’s disease.

The company will get listed on Nasdaq under the thicker CRTX, and is planning to raise 75 million dollars based on the share price between 16$ and 18$ per share.

Cortexyme will offer 4.4 million shares.

Health Sciences Acquisition (HSACU)

RTW investments formed Health Sciences Acquisition as a blank check company with the idea to acquire a medical or biopharmaceutical company.

The company is planning to raise 100 million dollars with their IPO, offering 10 million shares at the opening share price of 10$.

Milestone Pharmaceutical (MIST)

Milestone Pharmaceutical is phase 3 biotech company working on developing therapies for heart rate conditions.

Founded in 2013, the company is planning to offer 5 million shares at the share price between 14$ and 16$ per share, that way potentially raising 75 million dollars.

Mayville Engineering (MEC)

Mayville Engineering is into production of components for commercial and industrial vehicle OEM, and is planning or raising 125 million dollars with 6.3 million shares at the share price between 19$ and 21$.

Parsons (PSN)

Parsons exists since 1944, and is operating in the sector of technology-based infrastructure, intelligence and defense.

The company generated 3.6 billion dollars in sales since May 2018 to May 2019, planning to get listed on New York Stock Exchange under the thicker PSN.

Parsons has a plan to offer 18.5 million shares at the share price set between 26$ and 28$ per share, that way potentially raising 500 million dollars.

NextCure (NXTC)

Another biotech company with an upcoming IPO. NextCure is working on developing treatments and solutions for cancer immunotherapies.

The company is offering 5 million shares and is planning to raise 75 million dollars at the share price range between 14$ and 16$ per share.

Sonim Technologies (SONM)

Sonim Technologies is a company that manufactures mobile phones and accessories for public and industrial workers.

Sonim will offer 3.6 million shares with a plan to raise 50 million dollars at the share price between 13$ and 15$.

Postal Realty Trust (PSTL)

Postal Realty Trust is a rather new company operating under REIT, managing properties and leases to the USPS.

PSTL will offer 5 million shares with a plan to collect 100 million dollars at the share price between 19$ and 20$ per share.

South Plains Financial (SPFI)

South Plains Financial is a commercial bank located in West Texas with 21 locations across the country.

South Plains bank has a plan to raise 63 million dollars with 3.4 million shares, set at the share price between 17.5$ and 19.5$.  The bank has 11.3 billion in sales for the period between May 2018 and May 2019.

Trevi Therapeutics (TRVI)

Trevi Therapeutics went public on May 7th, presently holding the share price around 7$. The initial plan of the company was to start at the share price between 14$ and 16$, however, it appears that the oversaturated IPO market wasn’t ready to respond to the planned share price.

The company has 4.7 million shares with the original plan to raise 70 million dollars.


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