Binance Survey Reveals That Two-Third of Crypto Users Would Donate to Anti-Craig Wright Legal Fund

65% of crypto users would support a fundraising initiative in order to help people who are sued by self-proclaimed Bitcoin developer Craig Wright.

Binance News Today – Majority supports the Zhao scheme

In a survey, the CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao asked if followers would support his plan to utilize the Blockchain to raise funds for legal fees and associated costs.

Craig Wright, who claims to be behind Satoshi Nakamoto pseudonym, has started suing people who disagree with him on social media.

According to a report, it was Hodlonaut (the lightning torch creator) that became the first victim of the campaign, with the community already vowed to help him come out against Wright and his sympathizers.

Zhao also went against this, carrying out another survey and making use of the outcome to delist Wright’s Bitcoin SV token from Binance.

Last week reports suggested Roger Ver (Bitcoin Cash promoter) had received a letter. While Ver is known to be rich, Zhao is however bothered about Wright targeting those who cannot afford the costs of fighting a court battle.

He proposed using the Binance Charity Foundation to raise funds which would basically return to donors if Wright lost the multiple lawsuits.

According to Zhao, a selected lawyer from Binance Charity Foundation (BCF) will receive the funds, with proper verifications; he also added that he would personally donate $10,000 in Binance Coin (BNB).

Wright has to reveal his Bitcoin addresses

On the other hand, Wright is currently going through his own hurdles. He has been sued for over $6 billion and asked to provide evidence that shows Bitcoin addresses he controls.

Wright has to comply with the order before May 15, after he was accused of conspiracy to commit theft and theft of intellectual property by the sister of one of his former business partners.

Wright has been vocal in the early part of this month; he called the pro-Bitcoin entrepreneur (John McAfee) who is presently vying for the post of US president a “Conman.”

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